About US

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"Africa-lights" is a brand, who is a leading top-tech LED lighting, outdoor and indoor LED display screen systems, LED signage integrated electronic product design solutions provider and manufacturing company with offices in China, Europe, North America and Africa.

We are dedicated to the provision of top-notch LED application product development, manufacturing, supply , effective service delivery and after sale services worldwide.  We also offer interior decoration , Home automation system and architectural design solutions to provide one-stop-shop solutions for our cherished clients globally.

We believe in Research and Development in our area of expertise, as such the company has over the years invested in Research for our  Product development and upgrade as our top priority in the LED systems industry in order to equip us to meet the changing needs of our clients and to be abreast with the latest Led Technology to manufacture high class LED application products and supply to anywhere in the world from our state-of-the-art factory located in the plush electronic hub of the world Shenzhen, China.

Quality control and customer satisfaction are our culture with full attention to detailed delivery of tailor-made solutions for both domestic and industrial needs of our clients. Our dedicated staff work strictly in line with our core values to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Mission Statement
We came into the LED Lighting and LED display screen system industry to offer top-notch hi-tech performance LED application products with regards to quality, efficiency and safety to satisfy the changing needs of our clients worldwide.

Vision Statement
Our focus is targeted towards the achievement of the highest twenty first century technological standards, creativity and innovation with the mindset of customer satisfaction to make us to be counted among the top 500 companies in the world.