Double-Sided LED Lighting Box

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LED Backlight Double-Sided-Cloth Lighting Box

Ref.:  BL-LLB-DC100
Desc.:  100mm double-sided-cloth lighting box,  Thickness 100mm
            Adopting LED backlight source, Both sides show advertisement
            Removeable and convenient use


Product Name

10cm Double-Sided Lighting Box

Dimensions (mm)


Colour temperature (K)




LED Source

LED 3030 Double-Sided Backlight

Surface Screen

UV Soft-Film Screen

Voltage (V)

DC 12V

Driver position

outside or Inside

IP rating

IP 20


Aluminum Frame + UV Screen + Backlight

Installation Method

Screen stuck-in type;
15mm deep slot;

Screen is easy to snap in and not easy to loosen


Double-sided-cloth Lighting Box details:


LED Driver Meanwell         

       Driver installed Inside       Driver installed Outside


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